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            A brief introduction to the 2012 subject.

 Part A.

                      I want to introduce you to the 2012 controversy before Hollywood does.

            Only a small percentage of people now know about the 2012 meme or 2012 matrix, so I am assuming that you know very little about this 2012 question, and what the popular myths are. 
            However by the end of 2009 it will be a common discussion point –
“Will the world end in 2012 or not?”

            Did you know there are over 40 different books and DVD’s on ‘The 2012 topic’ currently being sold by Amazon books. Com.

            There is now a growing sense of apprehension and uncertainty in some people’s minds about the year 2012, as can be found in the various 2012 online communities. This apprehension will increase a thousand fold, after the Hollywood 2012 feature film gets launched on the world like a missile attack in July then in November 2009 http://www.sonypictures.com/movies/2012/

The film’s advance trailer promotes an Armageddon, which is not surprising for Emmerich’s last production also was an Armageddon film, but that was based around climate change.

            In this 2012 film advertisement now promoted through You Tube, the first message you see as white letters on a stark black background… those 4 numbers.

            The next shot is a man running up a mountain ridge. Next a close up of his feet but we do not know who he is. Then we see a monastery. The Chinese have not found this monastery for it sits fiction like, on the very tip of exceedingly high peak, an engineering impossibility. It is not like Machu Pinchu in Peru where the whole top of the mountain was carved flat. Now we see that it is a Tibetan monk in his monastery.

            The Monk now rings an exceedingly large gong with a long wooden pole, we do not know why he is doing this, then we see why.

             A tidal wave as high as Mt Everest (hallo) is sweeping towards this impossibility situated monastery and sweeps it away down from the mountain top like waves washing plastic bottle tops on a beach.

            This is not an asteroid crashing into the Earth, but a repeat of the visual ideas the director bombarded teenagers with in his end of the world climate change film ‘The Day After’. In that film a tidal wave sweeps across New York skyscrapers, so that idea of a tidal wave destroying cities could not be repeated again.

            No wonder the cliché of a monastery on top of a mountain was used! Between these spell binding digitally created images tied to an equally powerful and dramatic music sound track, we read the following words – again white on a black screen :


How would the Governments of the World

Prepare 6 billion people….

For the end of the world?.....

They wouldn’t……

Find out the truth……

Google 2012


            My interest in the 2012 subject first began in August 1987 and I first started researching it in the late 1990’s. I started writing about in 2006.

            For more than a year now I have been asking total strangers in trains and buses in Sydney, Melbourne and Perth:         “What do you know about 2012?” Sometimes I ask a supermarket checkout person, or someone standing alone at a party the same question.

            Answers seem to fall into 3 categories.

            1. It goes right over their head, and they think I am talking about the Olympic games in London.

            2. The mumble something about ‘The end of the World’.

            3. They are a bit arrogant and smart, think they know what’s it’s all about.

            On a rare occasion I will meet someone who actually knows that the year is significant only because of the Mayan calendar. Some do understand it’s foundation, and the fact that it is about monumental consciousness change compared to 1912, or 1962 and 1492 when the Europeans first invaded the world of the Mayan, Incan and Aztec civilizations.

            The Mayan calendars are circular and return to a zero point, whereas the Roman Julian, Christian, Islamic, Persian, Zoroastrian, Chinese and Chaldean calendars are straight line ones. i.e. start at a zero point and go on into infinity like a straight line.

            The knowledge of Mayan Calendars were popularized and introduced to the Western World by Jose Argüelles during the global Harmonic Convergence of 1987.

            The phenomena can actually be traced further back to 1976 when Jose Argüelles an arts academic, publishes a book about the Mayan calendar. He is working with a Mayan Elder Alejandro Cirilo Perezoxla, but they later separate.

            When Joes Argüelles seeds the Harmonic Convergence where hundreds of thousands of people meet at sacred sites around the planet, it is to raise consciousness, and mark a time shift between August 1987 and December 22nd 2012. This Harmonic Convergence event later received much publicity because the famous October stock market crash of ’87 occurs some weeks after the convergence and some media people make a link between these two events.

            Fast forward to 2000. The 2KY event predicts computers will crash all over the world and as computers control the technology in modern societies, there will be serious consequences and complex societies might crash, but nothing happens because computers do not crash.

            Another major event happens in New York, September 11, 2001, (911) that draws the whole planet’s media attention to it, like no other events in recent history. So will 2012 become like that media mania during 20o1? A good question.

            Fast forward to now.

            Right now there is a mini boom being created around 2012, and take note that as Hollywood is promoting it, most of the world will soon know about it, and a major controversy is likely to erupt. Up till now it has only been bubbling away beneath the surface.

            It is interesting to note that the 2012 film marketing department is breaking some rules with it. Instead of the usual world wide block buster release, they are showing it in the following test markets 5 months before the rest of the world wide release. Just why are they doing this I wonder?

            Test markets for July: Argentina – for South America, Philippines, Malaysia – for the South East Asian market. India, with many religions and many superstitions might reject or respond. A Portuguese and Swedish test market release for Europe but why not Italy, or Germany or England?


            *                      *                       *


            Currently the 2012 topic encompasses an ever increasing number of writers, publishers, academics, journalists, media producers, Hollywood producers, writers (both fiction and academic), archeologists, anthropologists, futurists, religious scholars, social commentators, conference organizers, promoters, web site creators, web-rings, and rank amateurs placing their fears out there on You Tube.

            Joes Argüelles, Gerald Benedict, Lawrence E. Jospeh, Danial Pinchbeck, John Major Jenkins, Robert Sitler, Carl Johan Callerman, Barbara Hand Clow, Jay Weidner, Geoff Stray, Barak Eldem, Frank Waters, John Lamb Lash, Arjuna Ardagh, Gill Edwards, Jean Houston, Barbara Marx Hubbard, Greg Braden, Peter Russel, James Endredy, Patrica Mercier, Jack Allis, Ian Xei Lungold, Sharron Rose, Billie Dean, Hwee-yong Jang, Whitley Strieber, Cliff De Young, Cynthia and Colin Andrews, Patrick Geryl, Ervin Laszlo (quoted), John L. Petersen, Corinne Mclaughlin, John Lamb Lash, Joseph Campbell, Meg Losey, Christine Page, Llewellyn Vaughan-Lee., Jay Weidner, John Petersen. 

            Those are published writers who have contributed to the 2012 question.

            If you get really serious you can read the modern Mayan elders, priests, prophets and shamans: Hunbatz Men, Carlos Barrios, Gerardo Barrios, Mendez Guzman, Victor Montejo, Gaspar Pedro González, and Don Alejandro Cirilo Perez Oxlaj.

            In 2008 alone there were 8 new books rushed to market, including The Idiot’s guide to 2012 which entered at number 30 something o the Amazon list, but when I looked again early February ‘09 it had jumped up to number 6, no dount to it's very clever title! This book was composed by Synthia and Colin Andrews. According to the cover note Synthia began her 2012 journey in 1990 after meeting Mayan elder Hunbatz Men. Colin Andrews is a well known English crop circle researcher, who wrote his first book on that subject in 1989.

            Of course like every conceivable subject there are several hundred Internet websites in different languages on the 2012 subject. It is generally recognised that Geoff Stray's web site is the best common rescource http://www.diagnosis2012.co.uk/

            The most common category regarding 2012 now being promoted is catastrophe, known in the trade as ‘The Castrophobia Syndrome’. A comet crashes into the Earth. It is another Atlantis with tidal waves like those that were seen in the film THE DAY AFTER. Add Pole shifts with 3000 mile an hour winds. Nostradamus. Then there is Armageddon. Lastly that old fear, now decades old – global nuclear war and only the elect are saved when they are ruptured off the Earth.

            Such stories have been around for some time so this is the year you are going to be finally bombarded by Hollywood’s latest version from the disaster genre. The end of the world.

            As Carol Ann Jamison wrote in her recent 2012 article in Odyssey magazine from South Africa : “The word apocalypse finds it’s roots in the Greek word ‘apokalypsis’, which is a verb meaning to lift the veil or reveal something. Though some people may see this as a cataclysmic change in the material realm, others perceive the apocalypse simply to mean a metaphysical change or paradigm shift of consciousness – meaning in their terms, that 2012 is the end of a cycle/age, not the end of the human race”.


                        *                    *                    *

        I am writing this during that extreme nature event which killed many people due to wild fires induced by the hottest day ever recorded in Victoria, Australia in February 2009.

            What has that to do with 2012?

            Big media labeled the changed ‘economic climate …“a crisis”, whereas this fire event was a “real crisis”. Language can loose its meaning, so become aware of the politics of language. The “End of an Era” is not “The End of the World”.

            Those who have a negative End of World (EOW) oriented mind sets will see such fires as a ‘disaster’, a prelude to 2012, while an optimistic mind will see how communities large and small showed compassion to total strangers. Ego, greed, and self-interest took a short holiday.

            Many writers believe the 2012 focus will soon become a deep mirror for our own inner state of mind, our recognition of ourselves as spiritual beings now caring for our home world but no longer as technological parasites. Our common re-discovery or remembrance is that this is the only “home” we have, and that we are just an integral aspect of the whole natural world – not controllers and manipulators of all environments. The Maya knew this.

            In a 50 page ebook I share on the 2012 topic I was able to identify and categorise 10 totally different interpretations of what various groups believe 2012 to be.

            As it draws closer there will appear even more interpretations, no doubt each challenging the others for top position on top of the 2012 truth pyramid!

            So how do we over come fears? How do we prepare for change? These changes may be extreme for those who do not want to change, but less so for others.


World Shift 2012 – ‘The handbook of timely change’.
            The New Club of Budapest report authors Ervin Laszlo and David Woolfson. An excerpt from The Global Emergency Declaration published in ‘Network Review Magazine’ #98 Winter 2008 pps 16-17

             “Effective and feasible solutions to the present global emergency must be bought to the attention of as many people as possible, as quickly as possible, to motivate urgent and effective action by all aware and responsible global citizens.

             Widespread communication and collaboration amongst people, nations, cultures, religions, social sectors, professions, associations, networks, organizations, and other groups, is essential to ensure humanity’s survival on the planet”. 


Towards a scientific zero point in 2012

                A small group of computer scientists from Sanford University were interested in the technological developments and scientific knowledge being created at an ever-increasing rate.

So they created a super computer program and chronologically plotted the great technological and scientific discoveries in the world, starting at the beginning of urbanization understood as 5,000 – 4,500BC or 7000 years ago. They included pivotal discoveries such as the invention of the wheel, the printing press, the steam engine, the splitting of the atom and computers.

They asked the program to project into the future and predict great discoveries yet to be made. After 1975, the projected of pattern of discovery took a sudden jump upward and went of the computer graph at the end of 2011, at which point the computer’s prediction ended.

Amazingly, the predictions showed 18 discoveries equivalent to the splitting of the atom in the last 30 minutes of the year 2010. If you think that the atomic age has complicated our lives, just imagine the mind boggling consequences of 18 such discoveries occurring at once!.

From “The missing peace in your life” by Robert M. Williams M.A. Myrddin Publications.


The 2012 Meme War

       What is a Meme and what is a meme war?

            Ideas and beliefs spread through cultures and societies as “Memes”. Like a virus, a Meme is an identifiable unit of cultural imitation that becomes important through its own successful effective self-replication.

            i.e. “The world is going to end as an Armageddon” versus “The people on the planet are going to transform themselves as a result of dramatic consciousness change”

            So we have a battle between the optimists and the pessimists.


Optimism and Hope

‘A Caution about Optimism and Hope’ by Brent Waters Science and Spirit Magazine Volume 9, Issue 4. Page 5

             “Optimism may be understood as a confident attitude that a challenging set of circumstances can somehow be overcome - in a manner which does not adversely affect a person’s sense of well being. Despite apparent setbacks, an optimistic person strives to make the best of ANY situation.”

      “Hope however, may be understood as a sanguine attitude that a challenging set of circumstances can somehow be overcome in a manner in which a person’s sense of well being may be irrelevant. Hopeful persons may undertake a course of action in which may be perceived to be detrimental to their own well being


Part B.


Facing fears around 2012”

            You might by now have heard about the Mayan calendar and its great significance for the year 2012, so what’s all the fuss about 2012?

            Fact is, either you are going to be alive in 2012 or you no will longer be using the body you now have, in which case you will not have concerns about 2012. It is said that we all will have to make many dramatic choices and changes before 2012. No exceptions.

            The high odds in 2009 are that you have heard some of the wildly conflicting stories that are circulating now that 2012 is on the event horizon.

            For two years I have tracked the number of books being sold about 2012 on Amazon.Com. They exceed 40 tiles and this year Hollywood will release films with 2012 in the title as you will soon find out.

            The most common category regarding 2012 now being promoted is catastrophe, known in the trade as the ‘Castrophobia Syndrome’.

            A comet crashes into the Earth. It is another Atlantis with tidal waves like those that were seen in the film THE DAY AFTER. Add Pole shifts with 3000 mile an hour winds. Then there is Armageddon. Lastly that old fear, now decades old - global nuclear war and only the elect are saved when they are ruptured off the Earth.

            Such stories have been around for some time and this year you are going to be bombarded by Hollywood’s version of disaster.

            I saw the Sony Hollywood 2012 film promotional trailer in January 2009.

            Find out the truth? From a Hollywood script writer?

            So much for the first category currently circulating about 2012 – Armageddon !

            Next, there is the vast body of channelled information from the so called “wise enlightened ones” from some other dimensions or worlds. There are so many different conflicting channelled stories that it is difficult to categorise them. Some feed the negative mind set, while others don’t. None are ever verified, just like the Aliens in secret liaison with government stories!

            Instead of all these different interpretations about the near future, see 2012 as the Maya did - One cycle ends, another cycle begins.

            They are one and the same thing. A cusp time, a sort of junction. A new beginning, or the end of the old. A point on a circle. Many calendars wind back to zero again, then start again, just we re set digital timers in the kitchen.


“Although the prophesies speak of a cosmic shift in consciousness and evolutionary potential, we have to engage the process ourselves, it is not merely a question of passively waiting for it to happen. What is about to occur depends entirely on how we respond to the Mayan prophesies for 2012. This is why we speak of spiritual mastery. There are, at least, as many spiritual masters on the planet today as there are armed terrorists, and certainly there are as many people on this Earth who have attained sufficient spiritual mastery as to exceed the number of humans actively enlisted in the world’s armies”.

             Quoted in Gerald Benedict’s THE MAYAN PROPHESIES for 2012 Page 187. Watkins Publishing London 2008. Section 22: Summary and Conclusions.

The Maya had many calendars but they were all circular like the solar system and spiral universes. A round calendar not a linear straight line calendar which starts at year dot and goes on and on and on. The Mayan like no other civilization that has appeared on this planet, understood the relationship between what we call ‘time’ and the relationship to the Heavens, our solar system and our local galaxy. While they did not invent the wheel they invented a calendar that was based on reality not an idea, emperor or a person.

In effect, while the other civilizations (Chinese, Greek, Sumerian, Egyptian etc) may have mastered and developed water engineering or the wheel or gunpowder or ship building or metallurgy etc, the Maya alone mastered…… “Time” and it’s relationship to the Universe.

Their many calendars were based on different units of numbers, but all calendars rewound to Zero, and started again. In fact it is a series of zeros not just one!

Some calendars were measured in millions of years while the smallest was 260 Earth days, the period of human gestation in the womb.

Many of their calendars begin and end on December 22nd 2012, that is why that date has attained some significance all around the world.

The Maya lived in central America near where modern Southern Mexico is. At that time the people in Europe were just emerging from a period we call “The Dark Ages”, and the Arab empire was at it’s peak. The Tibetan civilization co-incidentally was also very powerful at that time, and was in competition with the Chinese civilization to it’s East. Both the Tibetan and Mayan high priests and holy men taught the principles of reincarnation, while the Maya believed they had a connection to the Pleiades star system.

Now let us return back to 2012 years after the assumed birth of Christ time line.

Many people from different cultures now believe (like the contemporary Mayan holy men and shamans Hunbatz Men, and the Barrios Brothers) that it is the time of a great flowering in consciousness for humankind after a long period of darkness.  

  “Anthropologists* visit the temple sites, and read the steles and inscriptions and make up stories about the Maya, but they do not read the signs correctly. It’s just their imagination….Other people write about prophesy in the name of the Maya. They say that the world will end on December 2012. The Mayan elders are angry with this. The world will not end. It will be transformed. The indigenous have the calendars, and know how to accurately interpret it, not others”

                Carlos Barrios in an interview with Mitch Battros on Earth Changes TV, 31st January 2005 and repeated on many web sites.

Quoted in Gerald Benedict’s THE MAYAN PROPHESIES for 2012 Page 135. Watkins Publishing London 2008. 

Prophesy 15: The Prophesy of the destruction of the Earth.

*Anthropologists - he might be referring to people like John Major Jenkins who has made a name for himself by publishing over 10 books and popularizing the Maya into the alternative-mainstream, or Carl Johan Callerman who has contributed 4 books into the Mayan calendar market but argues that the current calendar will end on October 2012 not December.

It seems that the only “anthropologist” not referred to by Barrios was Robert K. Sitler the Florida based academic who actually promotes what the contemporary Mayan elders say to us here in Western Cultures.

 From Robert K. Sitler’s web site:

            "From the perspective of contemporary Maya, 2012 constitutes a very important point in the history of humanity since time is a variable that greatly influences the life of the planet and everything that exists on it. Human beings do not exist by coincidence or by a work of chance. They are part of a plan to carry out a mission in this part of the universe. The world is still not totally finished in its creation and perfection; this human creature has a role to play in the world and its preservation. One could say that the life of the planet depends on human beings and what they do in their existence.” Gaspar Pedro González (2006)      

             The intellectual arrogance of many western contemporary scholars jumping onto the 2012 bandwagon is of course the intellectual equivalent of the physical invasions and occupation of the ancient Mesoamerican indigenous cultures by soldier-priests from European Christendom centuries ago. 

There is much made about the fact that our solar system and Earth will be in a certain position in the milky way galaxy again in 2012., known as the procession of the equinoxes. Like a top spinning the floor that looses momentum, the Earth’s processional wobble of 23.5 degrees off the vertical, it rotates in a circle exactly every 25,920 years. It is referenced to the Gemini constellation by fixed positions during the longest day of the year (the solstice sun) and alignment of the galactic centre with the sun.

The Maya knew this astronomy and is verified by modern scientific astronomy. That this 26,000 year alignment will occur on December 21st 2012 is not insignificant.

This 26,000 years ever recurring cycle was known by the Egyptians, Sumerians and Greeks as an Age.

In some ways it might be that we are entering a sort of gateway in consciousness?

A sort of time portal of sorts I suppose. Jay Weidner in his essay ‘The Alchemy of Time’ explains it as a Hypercube with an inner vortex, where a Hyper sphere condenses four dimensional reality into a three dimension reality at a vertex point, much like the point in a cyclone where it comes to Earth where compressed air can lift train engines into the air and crush buildings.

The idea here is either you go through it or you don’t. I often think of the images we saw in the film and TV series STAR GATE and SLIDERS.

For example, on the other side of 2012, some people believe will be able to communicate telepathically with great ease (some do now with animals), or be totally connected with the Earth itself (as Australian aboriginal elders do living away from cities), or connected to star systems, or no longer be ruled by the vibration of fear. Wars as we know them, or conquering other people for what resources we want to steal from them, will no longer be a normal way of behaving.

This perhaps puts these Mayan 2012 concepts into simple language, for there are many books which cover this in great detail.

I believe the best book as an introduction, is The Mystery of 2012 from Sounds True Publishing. It comprises 27 different authors and essays, many specially commissioned.

Next Daniel Pinchbeck’s ‘2012 The Return of Quetzalcoatl’. In the 1990s he was a member of New York’s literary set writing articles for Wired, The Village Voice, The New Times Magazine etc. He has been compared to Cross Umberto Eco and Carlos Castaneda.

His book, a subjective journey, is an exceedingly well written and intensely personal exploration into the 2012 subject. He reminds me of Colin Wilson or Aldus Huxley. The 2006 benchmark book in some ways is a bit of a cult classic, and a really enjoyable read if you get the 2012 bug as I and others have. He traveled to interview Jose Argüelles, the founder of 2012 Mayan awareness.

It seems many of us go through some sort of personal transformation when we fully embrace all that the 2012 situation is, and these seem to be guides to help us on that journey.

We “Ascend” or “Transcend” our fear of the future, which is very liberating. This is like moving through the holes in a net, not getting caught in it, while not ignoring the challenges of the stark realities like there will be no Arctic Ice by 2012, sea rise, and massive solar storms which will knock out many communication satellites.

In the state library system of WA at last count there about seven different titles re 2012 or the Mayan calendar.

As statedearlier many avid 2012'ers believe best site on the internet is Geoff Stray’s www.diagnosis2012.co.uk Stray has explored the subject for 25 years and was interviewed in Sharon Rose’s personal odyssey 2012 DVD (here we go again with yet another personal transcending fear journey again), while the producers of that DVD also have essays in The Mystery of 2012 book. All very incestuous, and everyone quoting each other!

There is a probability that 2012 can be seen as a cult fashion.

I have spoken to two people who operate 2012 web sites in Australia and would recommend www.2012unlimited.net while www.2012connect.com allows people to communicate globally with each other on the subject.

In 2008 a lot of new books were rushed into the market.

Whitley Strieber, who some believe represents the government position has his book ‘2012 War for Souls’ also being rushed into production by Hollywood as a feature film. Another major Hollywood producer who is allowed to make films about controversial subjects like the Area 51 Underground base, and the Alien plan to take over Earth, is also rushing his 2012 film through the Hollywood factory production system.

When those films “hit the market” believe me, 2012 is going to be as big as the 2KY computer glitch episode. You will NOT be able to ignore 2012 then. This is like looking into the future now.

The producers are expecting big financial returns on these films.             However by reading and researching the subject now, you are less likely to be trapped into the controversies that are destined to erupt when those 2 big production films get launched at consumers like a missile attack.

Back to the internet and Amazon and castrophobia titles.

Following Whitley Strieber, comes ‘2012 Doomsday’ Cliff De Young (2008) DVD, ‘Decoding The Past: Doomsday 2012’; ‘The End of Days’ (DVD), ‘The Complete Idiot’s Guide to 2012’ by Cynthia and Colin Andrews (that title’s name was worth tens of thousands of dollars when they registered it).

‘The World Cataclysm in 2012’ by Patrick Geryl (2005) was #35 on the 2012 Amazon list September 2008.

By contrast to the doomsday titles, probably the best title for the Consciousness books would be : ‘Beyond 2012: A Shaman’s call to Personal Change and The Transformation of Global Consciousness’ by James Endredy.

 Following after the ‘Transformation of Consciousness’ books, there are those books which relate to the role of Aliens, so 2012 is a sub set relating to the overall alien question.

Next come books about the reappearance of planet Nibiru or Marduk again after it’s last appearance 3,600 years ago, but that is totally different related question even more controversial than the 2012 question itself (look how bright Venus is in the night sky). NASA has stated that it is at the edge of the solar system again and has given it the code number 2003UB313 and named it Planet X! Page 160 Chapter 10 A SCIENTIFIC INVESTIGATION INTO CIVILIZATION’S END by Lawrence E. Joseph Morgan Roads Books 2007

Some books even state that Aliens from that planet are here on Earth again, so you can see just how wide and broad the 2012 subject has become, and we are still years away from it. Image what it is going to be like in 2013.

Once you overcome any fears around 2012 as I have done, then I trust you enjoy your 2012 journey as much as I have because it certainly seems to embrace a lot of new realities and interesting people.

            Gerald Benedict’s THE MAYAN PROPHESIES for 2012 Page 100 Watkins Publishing London 2008.

             Prophecy 10 – THE PROPHECY OF TRANSITION TO A NEW AGE            

“Then creation dawned upon the world. During the creation thirteen infinite series (steps) added to seven was the count of the creation the world. Then a new world dawned for them”.

    Chilam Balam of Chumayel (extracted from Dr Ronald Bonewitz ‘MAYA PROPHECY’, Piatkus, 1999) 

            “The Mayan Elders understand that we are, at present between two worlds, and that during this ‘apocalyptic’ period two things will happen.

            The first is that new truths will be revealed through the rediscovery of Mayan wisdom, and the second is that we will have the chance, both individually and collectively, to re-order our priorities, and by arriving at and effecting the right decisions, resolve the problems facing planet Earth.

            This is the agenda for the apocalyptic interim period leading to 2012 and the start of a New Age.

            In a sense, humanity is therefore on trial, currently working out it’s salvation with fear and trembling”. 

So what quote should I leave you with from the vast bulk of resource materials I have accumulated over the last 3 years? Logically it has to be the people who started it all.

Jose Argüelles and Hunbatz Men were the two people who introduced the Mayan Calendar information to the world in 1987. Both are still discussing the subject and teaching. Jose gave an interview to Tami Simin in 1987, which 20 years later was reprinted in part in THE MYSTERIES OF 2012 book from Sounds True Publishing. www.soundstrue.com

            “The purpose of the Maya coming to this planet was very specific: to leave behind a definite set of clues and information about the nature and purpose of our planet at this particular time in the solar system and in the Galactic Field. The Maya came here and made their observations. They left behind observations about the relationship of our planet and at least seven inner planets, and information about the nature of the Galactic beam our plant is now passing through, and which it has been passing through since 3113BC”. Page 65 . “The Maya made a visitation. They made a very skilful intervention into the biosphere of this planet and left behind a civilization that looks like a lot of other civilizations. It’s very carefully disguised”.

             Page 74

            In some ways 2012 is not some event out there in the future but what seems to be happening right now. That make sense?



michael klein ewin


perth west australia

Copyright January 28th - 2009